Why Us?

Preloved Tech Ltd are a mobile and IT recycling and recommerce company located in Telford, Shropshire. We provide a range of secure and sustainable recycling services to consumers, businesses of all types and sizes, and the education sector to allow for eco-friendly, safe and secure reycling of mobile devices and IT hardware.

Preloved Tech mobile device and IT recycloing specialists

As a company championing the circular economy, we ethically recycle, refurbish and resell the devices to divert them from landfil and reduce electronic waste, managing all your sesnisitve data to GPR compliance in the process.

Business Recycling
Our dedicated corporate team, PrelovedTech Circular, specialises in helping businesses, charities, schools and colleges safely and securely exit redundant, surplus and end-of-service mobile devices and IT hardware. Our service allows you to correctly exit unwanted technology in an eco-friendly way and maximise asset value return to help boost budgets and increase ROI.

It all starts with a relaxed chat about your needs and our Circular team will build you a full program taking you from the initial collection of your tech right through to value release and certification. 

Data Destruciton
Data security is an integral part of our service. We don’t ask you to use our data deletion tool before we sending in your device(a), that’s our job. If you have any files you want to keep, we do ask that you back them up before sending it in to us as we are unable to save data for you.

Preloved Tech GDPR Data Destruction Service









All mobile devices we receive go through a detailed diagnostic and data deletion tool. This is an industry leading tool that checks all parts of your device for any faults and then wipes all data from mobile devices to GDPR standards. We can even supply you with a data erasure certificate if you request one.

Recycling a laptop, PC or item of IT hardware? That’s fine too. We use two of the best industry leading solutions in WipeDRIVE from White Canyon and RedkeyUSB tools means we can wipe any drive to military standards so all your data is 100% removed from the device. 

With Preloved Tech, your data is in safe hands!

Our Sustainable Commitment
As a business we are commited to actioning climate change by reducing the amount of electronic waste being sent to landfill.

Latest statistics show that over 56 million metric tonnes of electronic waste was created in 2021, with only 17.6% being correctly collected and recycled. That means over 82% of all electronic waste generated was disposed of through improper means, with much of this being sent to landfill left to harm the environment.

Preloved Tech Sustainability Promise

To date we have:

  • funded the planting of 2,250 trees across 7 different global projects.
  • Supported the prevention of 21 tCO2e through 15 verified carbon avoidance projects
  • Recycled over 35,000 devices diverting them from ladfill deposit
  • Provided over £450,000 in asset value rebates to customers

Buy With Confidence
Our used and refurbished devices have been lovingly recycled and given a second lease of life ready for it's new owner. Every device on our website has been through;

  • Multi-point diagnostic testing
  • Fully GDPR data wiped
  • Repaired and refurbished where needed
  • Factory reset
  • Cleaned and packed

Not only that, all our devices comes with

  • 30 day money back guarentee
  • 12 months warranty for total peace of mind

So you can buy with complete confidence.


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